October 2021

I am currently editing my Norfolk Coastal Path, six day, 85 mile journey, the editing takes longer than the walk and is possibly more exhausting. Here’s the first episode, and also my Walk the Wight video. Walk the Wight is a charity walk for Mountbatten and thanks to everyone’s generosity I have raised over £1,700. Nice one cool dudes.

September 2021

Hello Cool Dudes. I completed Walk the Wight which is a charity walk for Mountbatten. I hoped to raise £100, and thanks to everyone’s generosity I raised over £1400. Thank you everyone, I was really blown away by the response. The walk was 27.5 miles long, I started at 6.15am and finished at 3.45pm, pretty fast for me.

I have also finished editing the Cool Dudes Trail. A three day walk on the Isle of Wight I plotted. Details are on my Cool Dudes Walking Club Website

August 2021

More walks I forgot to post. But more importantly, I am planning to do ‘Walk the Wight’ a 27-mile walk across the Isle of Wight for the Mountbatten charity that run hospices and give end of life care and bereavement counselling. I hoped to raise £100 but the generosity of Cool Dudes has exceeded all my expectations and the funding is currently about £800 plus gift aid. If you would like to support the cause the JustGiving page is here.

July 2021

I appeared in the final episode of Sliced, a comedy about a pizza delivery firm on Dave. The character I play is called Michael the Prick, and it’s a hostage bank robbery episode. Nice.

Here’s the latest walk. An Art walk in London.

June 2021

It took me four days to walk the 65 mile Serpent Trail and about 16 to edit it. Finally here are all four parts. Make sure you watch the adverts so I can pay for my next walk. Ha.

May 2021

I filmed a new series of Celebability which is starting in June. Other than that I have been continuing to go on walks for my web site and youtube channel. Here are a couple more videos:

April 2021

Nice one April. I have spent most of my time doing walks and working on my walking youtube channel. I’ve been treating it like a really bad paying job but hopefully it will continue to grow and I can make walking videos that only 0.00001% of the population are interested in full time.

Currently I’ve been restricted to the Isle of Wight but here are some of the videos for you to enjoy.

March 2021

Hello Cool Dudes. I spent most of February making a Spotter’s Handbook for my Walking Club which will be out soon. I also doing a new website for it. It’s exhausting as I am terrible at that sort of stuff but will be live from mid March, and include all my walks and gear etc etc.

February 2021

Getting a bit bored of the same walks, so I tried to see how far I could walk along the beach.

January 2021

Happy New Year. What did I do? I started making a choose your own adventure during lockdown and did a couple of walks.

December 2020

A Christmas painting video. This will be the last one for a while. All proceeds from the painting sale go to Bowel Cancer UK. Stay cool.

It’s December. I recently appeared on the Beef and Dairy Network – Episode 65 (one of my favourite podcasts) as well as on Richard Herring’s RHLSTP. I’m still trying to flog my card game that I ordered too many copies of. Here are a couple of the weird adverts I made:

Also the walking club continues, with increasingly local expeditions:

November 2020

Possibly the scariest walk yet.

More ghost walks:

You can now join the Cool Dude’s walking club a new way as well as the old paypal way. It is all explained here:

October 2020

A scary walk for Halloween.

Still trying to flog Pooman Cards. Why not buy a pack for any kid you know for Xmas.

I spent the end of September walking the South Downs Way and most of October editing it. You can watch all seven episodes of the epic expedition here. Stay cool out there:

September 2020

August 2020

A walk around Chichester Cathedral and the Canal with Kit Bradshaw of Bradshaw’s Guides.

Another week another painting. This time it went quite wrong:

I have invented a card game. It took me most of June and July to do the drawings and the website, and I’ve just had the cards printed. It’s available for £8.99 at .

Here’s a 15 minute attempt at one of my favourite paintings. Paul Klee’s ‘Senecio’.

I went for a walk from Southbourne to Chichester. Here is what happened:

I tried to paint Aubrey Beardsley’s Isolde in 15 minutes. Having watched a few docs on him, he is a fascinating character, and his composition is incredible. Amazing what he achieved in a tragically short life.

This week I took on the challenge of painting Winslow Homer’s Breezing Up. Doing a 15 minute version and a longer version is enjoyable, the latter a lot more relaxing.

What? August already? Here is a walk around the village I grew up in:

July 2020

The 15 minute painting series returns. This time I am going to attempt another painting in addition to the 15 minute one, as people wanted to see what it was like if I actually tried. Also there’ll be two galleries so people who want to spend longer on their paintings can enter that one.

I started off with an attempt to do a watercolour of a local landmark.

Here’s a distinctly average walk. The Capital Ring Hendon to Highgate.

June 2020

A West Wittering Walk:

Hello. Here’s a visit to the delightful Watton-at-Stone.

About time. I went on a local walk from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace. It’s called the Parkland Walk.

May 2020

Finally the epic art series has come to an end. I’ve done 28 paintings in all. They only took fifteen minutes, but the researching, editing and the songs took up all of the lockdown. It has been great seeing everyone’s pictures. Going to take a break for a while and think of some other projects. Can’t wait until we are allowed to go or walks.

All the music is now on Soundcloud:

April 2020

Someone was questioning whether I spent 15 minutes on my paintings, so here is a full unedited version of the Roy Lichtenstein ‘Girl With Hairband’ so you can see why I edit them. Stay cool.

The kind people at @TullieHouse Museum & Art Gallery asked me if I would like to try and paint one of their Pre-Raphaelite collection in 15 mins. I chose ‘The Rift Within the Lute’. Here’s the video of how I got on.Check out their website.

It’s April, and I’m still persisting with these. I’ll be doing Marek’s Mediocre Masterpieces on Youtube, new video at 11am Monday, Wednesday , Friday. I had to change the schedule as I couldn’t keep up.

March 2020

Managed to film a new episode of Marek Makes A Meal of It before shit kicked off. It’ll be premiered live on Saturday 21st at 11am on Youtube.

A walk in Wales before the shut down. Stay cool everyone.

I’m turning into a topical comedian.

A walk around the City of London. Please join the Cool Dudes Walking Club to help me make more videos. Stay cool.

February 2020

More walks. I need to get some work man.

Here I am playing the guest role of a bloke who looks like a human ball bag (my normal look) in Jordan Gray’s supermarket comedy Transaction.

It’s been a quiet work month alright. Here’s another Youtube video. Please subscribe to my channel and my walking channel if you haven’t already and watch all the videos without skipping the adverts. It really helps me. Stay cool.

Walking channel trailer:

A walk around Bethnal Green.

A London walk cool dudes:

January 2020

I went on a walk around Haslemere in terrible weather conditions. It was miserable. You can watch it here:

Hello cool dudes. To celebrate me making videos on Youtube for ten years (2010-2020) with little to no impact whatsoever I have made a playlist of my favourites. Please watch and enjoy as I am getting perilously close to the threshold for the lowest number of minutes required to maintain Youtube partnership. Alternatively just leave this playing on a different browser with the sound off. Thanks for your help. Here they are :

A walk through the Chilterns.

It’s early January and already I have been out walking. This time mainly along the Thames.

Happy New Year! To celebrate here is a weird video.

December 2019

Here is a Comedy Blap I wrote for Channel 4:

November 2019

Here is a useful guide to help people self taping auditions:

October 2019

I am going to try and put out five ghost walks in five days. Here they are:

It is raining all the time. But you can watch this video of one of my favourite walks so far.

September 2019

The Reluctant Landlord Series 2 is now on Sky One and Now TV. I play Lee, who is an almost total loser. You can watch them all now.

Haddenham to Aylesbury walk. 15 miles. Yes you heard.

Here’s a walk from Balcombe to East Grinstead:

Also I went on the Warrior Trail Walk on the Isle of Wight, it was beautiful, it follows the route of a real life War Horse. You can watch it here:

August 2019

In an effort to raise money for the next stage of prototypes for Volfsball I have churned out another episode of everyone’s favourite show Ebay Roadtrip. This time my Dad and I go to Shanklin to buy some terrible old shit and sell on eBay.

Here’s the second part where you can find out how much we got.

More walks. Also I appeared as a difficult diner on ‘Step Up to the Plate’ a kids cooking show, on BBC Iplayer now, from about 17 mins 30 in. Good luck.

Second walk:

Here is a walk. Stay cool:

I have been spending any free time walking, but I thought of a non walking sketch. Here it is for you to enjoy:

July 2019

My walking club ‘Cool Dudes Walking Club’ is now open for membership Click Here. Members receive a badge, pencil, membership card and shit hand drawn map of the UK. All the proceeds will go towards making walking videos which I know everyone loves so much.

In other news Horrible Histories Rotten Romans (in which I have a tiny part as a Gladiator) is out at the end of July. Celebability continues on ITV2 on Wednesday night. Stay Cool.

June 2019

Here’s another walk:

I have set up a new Youtube channel about walking as most people find it tedious. It is called Cool Dudes Walking Club also on facebook and instagram under that name and on twitter @dudeswalking.

Here is the shit logo I designed and the first video my epic five day walk around the Isle of Wight.

May 2019

Here is an aforementioned video about me trying to find a red squirrel:

I have been filming the second series of the Reluctant Landlord and the third series of Celebability. Now they have finished I will be able to make more youtube videos that no-one watches. Hooray!

February 2019

I went on a walk. As usual I made a video about it.

What another video? Yes here is the latest Marek Makes A Meal Of It. This time it’s quiche. Enjoy/Endure

January 2019

Nothing happens in January. Wait a minute… does. Here is an audiobook for audible in which I play a temp doing weird jobs. Good luck.

December 2018

The film I spent most of the summer making is going to be on Youtube on Sunday at 4pm. It is really mediocre but took me ages to make and could not have been done without the kind help of donators to the Marek Makes a Movie Podcast. Below is the link:

The year is nearly over. I managed to go on a walk. As usual I made a film out of it. This is my dream, just to go on walks and make films about the walks. I don’t know if it is sustainable. Anyway why not watch it and like it on Youtube to make me feel as though my life has a purpose.

November 2018

This is going to make me millions.

Go for it! I am still editing the film I made over the summer. It is never ending. In the meantime I made this, it is weird.

My Mum was really annoyed with me, because during the filming of it one of her neighbours saw me talking to a hedge could not see the camera so everyone on the road thinks I am mental. Good luck.

October 2018

Shiiiiit. It’s October. I hope you are all well. I am still editing my ‘Marek Makes A Movie Podcast’ film I tried to make over the summer on a limited budget. It is not going to be very good. In the meantime the Romesh Ranganathan sitcom I filmed in the Spring is out on October 30th on Sky. It is called ‘The Reluctant Landlord’, I have a small regular role in it.

Also I have been working on a new short story podcast. I have been writing them now and again over the past three years and didn’t know what to do with them. So will be releasing them as ten minutes podcasts. I have recorded four and am aiming to do six in the first series. Released every Wednesday. It’s called ‘Marek’s Bedtime Stories’. Please like and subscribe here is the first one:

Here is the second one.

And lastly I went to an island called Flat Holm over the weekend to film a short for a friend. There were only the three of us and a couple of wardens on an Island off the Welsh Coast. It was amazing. I think David and Raf (pictured) are a lot better film makers than me so am looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished.

September 2018

Hey cool dudes. I am editing a short film I made and working on a new short stories podcast. In the meantime here is a short film I was in earlier this year I appear 9 mins in. I was pretty badly hungover but just about managed to act. Also it was the World Championships of my made up sport Volfsball. My team the Muswell Hill Supermoons retained our World Championship crown. You can watch the highlights below the film. Stay cool out there cool dudes.

August 2018

Here’s a sketch. Go for it.

It’s summer. ‘The Festival’ in which I have a fleeting cameo in is out now in cinemas. Go and watch it. Meanwhile I am still making my ultra low budget film. Iain Morris, director of ‘The Festival’ was kind enough to give me some of his time to talk about the film in the latest Marek Makes a Movie podcast. You can listen to it here:

July 2018

The feature film I was in couple of years ago is finally released online. I play one of the bad guys with Seann Walsh. You can watch it on Amazon and ITunes and video on demand platforms. Skill.

I’ve started making my ultra low budget film as part of my Marek Makes a Movie Podcast project. Thank you to the people who have donated so far, I am steaming through the budget but please send more. Here is a picture of me learning lines while burying a body in the woods. You can find out the latest in my specific blog about it here.

Viva Volfsball. One of the projects I spunked half of my savings into is finally getting some recognition. BBC Ideas made a film about Volfsball, hoepfully this will mean that more than six people turn up to play next time. Click here for the video.

Oh, the Isle of Wight is good for a bit of fresh air is it? Think again asshole.

Thought bees were nice? Turns out they are arseholes. Watch this::

June 2018

Here’s episode three of the Mysterious Isle project, starring my Nan who is 95 and probably the oldest person on Youtube.

I am 42. I now get up early in the mornings and try to go to bed early. I spent several hours of my birthday making part two of this video for my Mysterious Isle project. You can follow on twitter @mysteriousisle or instagram @themysteriousisle. If you would like to get me a present but simply don’t know what to buy, why not donate to my Marek Makes a Movie project in which I try and make a film. Any way here is a short about Sandown Ghost Toilets and below that a podcast about the Blackgang Chine Conspiracy.

May 2018

A new month and a new project. While I continue to build up funds for the Marek Makes a Movie project I have launched The Mysterious Isle a series of youtube films and podcasts looking into the weird stories on the Isle of Wight. You can follow it on all the social media platforms. Here are links to the first podcast and film:

April 2018

Spent all of April filming Romesh Ranganathan’s new Sky sitcom ‘The Reluctant Landlord’ and series two of Celebability for ITV2. Here’s a photo of me with the host Iain Stirling.

March 2018

I have started filming Romesh Ranganathan’s sitcom ‘The Reluctant Landlord’ in which I play a bar regular. Also continuing to make ‘Marek Makes a Movie’ podcast.

February 2018

It’s the last in this series of Big Field hopefully it’ll be back for more. This one is a Love Island special:

Meanwhile here’s one of two episodes of a mini-series I made for Comedy Central:

Sad news as it is time to say goodbye to Film Fandango the weekly film review podcast I made with David Reed since October 2012. But good news is that I will continue to pollute the world of podcasts with my new project Marek Makes a Movie. The plan is to try and make a micro budget film this year using donations from kind podcast listeners and fans. You can listen to the new podcast here where I talk to directors and film makers to get advice: Marek Makes a Movie

There are already two episodes out. Also you can find more about how I am getting on by clicking on the Marek Makes a Movie link on the home page where you can also donate, anyone who donates £5 or more will receive a letter and a badge. Here is some nice art work for the project that my brother drew.

January 2018

Good news. By some fluke of nature a sketch I made called “Showreel for One Word or Less Parts’ won best online comedy at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards. I remember making it in one day when I felt really depressed that I didn’t have any work and didn’t know what to do. Keep trucking!

Happy New Year. Finally a film I made a couple of years ago with a talented bunch of you people is now available after doing the festivals. I play an evil butcher and it is silent and suitable for grandparents and children – something rare for me. Here is the link Lucky Chicken

Also there are more Big Fields with me doing disturbing stuff:

December 2017

It’s almost the end of the year and to celebrate. Here’s episode one and two of Christmas Ebay Roadtrip. Have a great 2018 everyone.

I am in a few things over Christmas – one of the hapless burglars in the Trollied Christmas Special on Sky on Christmas Eve, Gordon the henchman in Tim Vine Travels in Time on 29th December and on radio on Harry Hill’s Life on Egg from December 22nd. Also the excellent Big Fields made by Darren Dutton are being released every Friday and I am in a few of them. Here is one for your perusal:

….and it is time for the long awaited return of the cooking show Marek Makes a Meal of It. Made with the help of my good friend Paul Allen:

November 2017

I portrayed Gordon and his Turkey in Tim Vine Travel’s in Time Christmas special. It will be out over Christmas so you can watch it with all of your family. In the meantime here is a video about the importance of sharing:

My film podcast partner David Reed has gone on paternity leave so I have taken over by myself with guest. It is generally me talking bollocks but you can listen to it here.

October 2017

What’s the Norfolk Broads like in October? Find out in this video mate:

Happy October. What’s happening? Just finished filming a small part in a film called ‘The Festival’, it will be out next year. Skill.

September 2017

Fancy a weird film, course you do:

Well done everyone you go to September. The Tim Vine pilot I was in is available on BBC Iplayer, it’s called ‘Tim Vine Travels in Time’, it’s very funny and stupid and you can watch it with your grandparents without the fear of anyone dropping the ‘F’ bomb. Also just finished filming a part in a Christmas special which I will tell you about nearer the time. Meanwhile I always forget to mention that I still continue to make the weekly film podcast Film Fandango with David Reed, which has just passed it’s 300th episode (still no-one really listens).

The best news is that my brother Kieran Larwood has the second book in his award winning Podkin One Ear series out tomorrow, it’s called The Dark Hollow. Click the link to get it on Amazon.

August 2017

It’s the summer holidays, but did I have a break? No, I made more videos – A whole new show – Ebay Roadtrip (co-starring my Dad), watch episodes 1 and 2, and please  click once on the adverts at the start to help me make more videos. Then there is one on how to make friends, which I made using a cheap green screen. Hope you enjoyed them, and please subscribe to my channel because it is good for all that Youtube bollocks – thank you.

July 2017

What another video? Yes.

I will be making a couple of cameo appearances in The Mash Report on BBC2, Thursdays 10pm. In the meantime I spent far too long making this weird video:

Celebability is on ITV2 at 10pm. Here is a nice walk with an accompanying song I tried to make on Garageband.

June 2017

It is June. I am old. I have been filming some more news sketches for the Beano. Also I have just recorded a series called Celebability which will be on ITV2. I am the scoremaster twat bloke.

May 2017

I filmed a load of Big Field’s for BBC3 earlier in the year and they are slowly trickling out. My favourite thing to do is read the comments from pissed off 15 year olds. It looks like it was nice to film, but it was f**king freezing. Here they are:

April 2017

It’s late April, and everyone knows that means Volfsball. Here is the greatest sports show in the world.

A couple of friends and I spent the nicest day of the year inside, making a film for the Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge. Here is our entry below and a making of video for anyone especially interested.

The episode of Drunk History in which I played Isaac Newton is out on Comedy Central. Here is a terrifying picture.

Isaac Newton - Drunk History
Isaac Newton – Drunk History

March 2017

It’s time for more Boris. Here are one minute Boris Johnson guides to Europe:

Here is a sketch I made for the Beano, please bear in mind it is for 8 year old children. Skill.

My brother, Kieran Larwood, won the Blue Peter Book Award with his excellent book Podkin One Ear. Click on the link to buy on Amazon.

Nervous about going for that big audition. No need to fear any more with this audition guide:

February 2017

It is almost Pancake Day. In it’s honour I made this disturbing video.

I have been in a field in Chesterfield filming BBC 3 Online show Big Field which will be out later this year. If you think of something weird and times that by six, that is how weird Big Field is. Here is a picture of me playing Judge Rinder:

Here is an important message in this difficult month.

January 2017

Someone on the internet suggested I play a game called ‘Ingress’. Here is what happened:

In a bid to appeal to people under 40 I made a video about playing Minecraft. I found it intensely boring but the kids watch this sort of shit a million times:

Who likes Geocaching? I don’t know if I do, but I made another video about it:

Happy New Year. I spent the start of the year Geocaching, you can watch it here.

December 2016

Sorry for the absence. I have been doing some normal work to pay the bills and playing Father Christmas in a kids play. I’ll be making some more films and vlogs in the New Year. The reason for the gap is that my computer broke and I have had to save up for a new one to edit on. In the meantime here I am in one of a series of shorts made by Seann Walsh. Watch them all – thanks for following my website and Merry Christmas.

October 2016

A horror film. Considering how long this took me to film and edit the end result is surprisingly average. Watch at your peril…..

Here is my showreel for parts of one word or less. Unfortunately this is only 50% joking.

My belated 40th birthday present to myself was a trip to Maine in America. Here are three videos for you to watch about it. They are in reverse order so you should watch the one at the bottom first.

Here is part one – the coach trip.

September 2016

A trip to Hampton Court Palace.

Here are some FIFA 17 videos I made with the Guardian.

All of the kind people who donated a £5 or more to help me make more of these shit films will be receiving one of these equally shit badges in the post. Thank you very much for helping me.


A lovely trip to Greenwich, the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory.


A cure for baldness? Yes, here it is:

A trip to Canary Wharf and the Museum of London Docklands below. In the meantime I am now sending out shit badges with the picture below to generous people who donate £5 or more to help me make films.


August 2016

Here’s seven fun ideas for your bank holiday.

I spent one million pounds in Harrods. Watch this exciting treat below.

This is what happens if I’m left alone by myself for too long.

More culture. The Tate Modern this time.

Had a terrible day out at Madame Tussauds.

July 2016

July is all about jumping on that bandwagon, I am all over this Pokemon Go shit like a 15 year old with two boners. Here are not one, but two whole Pokemon Go videos.

My vlog series continues. I went to the Natural History Museum, there were a lot of screaming children. During the few minutes when the children weren’t screaming I made this. If you can think of any places you would like me to visit, please mention them in the comments section.

This year is a total arsehole. I went to the cinema and saw a whimsical film that made me want to cut my own knackers off. Luckily I didn’t, I made this instead. Click on the adverts as I am currently painting and decorating for work, and it is shit. Thanks.

June 2016

I’ve gone on a working holiday to the Isle of Wight. You can watch the exciting videos I have made here.

The weather in June has been shit, but don’t worry as here’s a few ideas to keep you going on those rainy days.

It is still June and I am still plodding on with this vlogging business. I thought it was supposed to make people millionaires, turns out you make about 3p. Here is one about positive thinking why not click on the adverts so I don’t have to go back to painting and decorating.

I turned 40 on the 2nd June. Most people hang around with their friends and loved ones. I made a video for you to watch.

May 2016

I went to Hampstead Heath over the bank holiday and made another video. It’s got a cat pissing in it.

It’s still May. I am still painting and decorating. It is an outrage. Here is a trailer for my Youtube Channel. Youtube tell you to make these so millions of people watch your channel. I think my Youtube Channel is excellent at fostering a feeling of total indifference.

I am still making the Film Fandango podcast which you can listen to on

I went to Wales to record an episode of The Leak starring Tom Price, who used to be in every other advert ten years ago. You can listen to it here.

April 2016

I decided to try and make a video a day for seven days starting on Monday 18th April. Below is a playlist of all seven. They get better I think as I get in the flow of it. My favourite days in terms of personal enjoyment were Vlog 3 – Princes Risborough to Great Missenden, Vlog 6 – London Transport Museum and of course Vlog 7 – Alexandra Palace and Volfsball.

April, 2016 is still shit. Here is a guide to using the tube.

March 2016

Here’s another video of a really shit day in London I had.

I appeared in Drunk History with Olivia Colman as Dr Crippen, the Mail Online showed seven pictures of me with her without once mentioning my name. Ha!

The last in a series of ill advised World Record attempts where I may have given myself diabetes.

Custard Tarts World Record

First in a series of World Record attempts in March, where I try and set a record for eating chocolate eclairs.

‘I Want My Hat Back’ the play I was in got nominated for an Olivier Award in the Best Entertainment & Family Category. None of the cast got invited so we probably won’t win and they have to make sure the seats are just for famous people.

February 2016

It’s February, so far 2016 is shit, I have made two more videos. Why don’t you enjoy them, click on the advert and I will receive approximately 1p. I actually need this money. Thanks.

January 2016

I went to Cardiff to see my friend Paul. We made a series of sketches to help me cope with my unemployment. You can subscribe to his sketch channel on Youtube Spatchcock Sketches here or my channel – Marek’s Channel . Also if you want the latest videos about my sport you can subscribe to the Volfsball Channel. Skill.

I have been spending too much time alone.

In preparation for the Volfsball 2016, I have released the long awaited third part of the Volfsball documentary:

December 2015

After 12 years and 250 odd auditions, I got my first ever advert. I think it is quite good, was mildly traumatic to film though. You can watch it with your own eyes below.

I’m doing a play called ‘I Want my Hat Back’ at the National Theatre. The cast are all brilliant. Fingers crossed it is going well here some reviews in the Guardian and Time Out.

But the best moment was when Canadian author Jon Klassen came to see the show and enjoyed it, I got him to sign my copy of the book.IMG_0030

Here are some pictures from the show.

jpeg6marek-larwood-bear-i-want-my-hat-back-credit-richard-davenport-564f14c33d77f-564f1619da4bd wanthatbackiwantmyhatback17nov2015  November 2015

I am still rehearsing the play ‘I want my hat back’, it opens on the 12th. Here is a video the National made about rehearsals:

October 2015

I start rehearsals for a kids play/musical  called ‘I want my hat back’, based on the book. It is on at the National Theatre Nov 12th  to Jan 2nd. I play the Bear, the only non singing role as I can’t sing for shit. Book tickets if you like here.

I want my hat back - bear
I want my hat back – Bear

I am still playing Volfsball the sport I invented at the start of the year. Now over forty people have played and I have spent far too much time working on the website. Read all the bollocks here.

I also wrapped on filming 2:hrs, where I played a thick photographer alongside the brilliant Sean Walsh. It was possibly the most fun job ever. You can see below how much fun we had.

2:hrs film
2:hrs film

And finally I am still doing the Film Fandango podcast which has now passed it’s 200th episode.

September 2015

Three Kinds of Stupid - Sky Arts
Three Kinds of Stupid – Sky Arts

I am about to start filming a low budget feature called 2:hrs in which I will play one of the stooges alongside Seann Walsh.

I’m playing Lennie in Andrew Lawrence’s new radio series recording on the 9th, 15th and 16th at BBC Maida Vale.

Also I went down to Frome to do a silent short film called ‘Lucky Chicken’ about a Butcher Baker & Candlestickmaker. I played the Butcher. I thought about meat constantly to get into character.

Three Kinds of Stupid a silent comedy with me, Seann Walsh and Jocelyn Lee Essien will be on Thursday 17th August on Sky Arts at 9pm I think.

August 2015

It’s August. I am going to have a break now. So everyone shut up. I can’t afford a holiday as I have put all my money into Volfsball, so I have to go on holiday to my Mum and Dad’s on the Isle of Wight. So why don’t you buy a Volfsball T-shirt if you like me enough to check this. OK! OK! Thanks. I love you.

Oh and here’s a new video about how to change the font on Microsoft Word. I made it with my friend Paul Allen:

July 2015

Marek appeared as Popov, and other characters,  alongside the brilliant cast of Ciaran Owens, Simon Bird and Emma Sidi at the Manchester International Festival in ‘The Crocodile’ directed by Ned Bennett, and written by Tom Basden. Here is the fantastic team, and here is a review in the Telegraph.

The Crocodile Cast MIF
The Crocodile Cast -Manchester International Festival

Marek made another shit Periscope video about how to draw a dog.

He also continues to promote his exciting new sport Volfsball.

June 2015

Marek was in Man Down playing an old waiter with a sauce fetish. He also released his very first Periscope video aimed at Heavy Bedwetters.

The first ever game of his self invented weird sport Volfsball took place, and it actually works. Watch it here.

May 2015

The second part of the documentary about the brand new sport Volfsball is out!

Marek appeared on Rachel Stubbing’s web series Stubbing Out Problems and was yet again on Celebrity Squares this time some prick actually picked him.

Boris Johnson yet again kept Marek in work as he played that fat weirdo in Murder In Successville on BBC3.

April 2015

Here’s a sketch about wind protesters that Marek made with his friend Paul Allen whilst back on the Isle of Wight.

March 2015

Podcast alert – Marek appears on James Acaster’s IPod Shuffle Podcast and he is still churning out the Film Fandango Podcast which is out every week.

First part of documentary on the making of Volfsball, the Greatest Sport of the 21st Century released.

Marek was one of the squares in Celebrity Squares, set to be shown on ITV in April/May. His square was not picked the entire programme. He spent so long alone and in the dark that he received a letter from Amnesty International. *

* Marek was invited back to another episode of Celebrity Squares. He was finally picked but the contestant still couldn’t say his name properly.

Old Slaphead appeared in The Buzz a new panel show pilot.

February 2015

Our bald hero is filming an episode of Murder in Successville as Boris Johnson. He is also set to film in one off silentish comedy for SkyArts.

Meanwhile he is desperately trying to sell T-shirts to fund his new sport VOLFSBALL.

January 2015

Marek can be seen in some episodes of Drunk History on Comedy Central on Monday at 10pm. Click here for a taster thing.

Meanwhile here is a video of a new sport he has invented with the help of his Dad. It is for people who are shit at sports. It is VOLFSBALL.

December 2014

Marek is playing a waiter in the new series of Man Down.

Marek has just finished filming the parts of William Hare and the Knight who killed Thomas Beckett for the new series of Drunk History set for Comedy Central next year.

November 2014

The wonderful James Branch let his kids (Emily and Lucy) give Marek a lesson in table manners – see the results here.

Marek has invented a new sport – Volfsball it will become the greatest sport of the 21st Century. You can follow the twitter feed here: @volfsball

October 2014

Marek has had a short film optioned. He is also writing some other shit.

September 2014

To round off September, here’s a video of Boris Johnson making David Cameron out of a ham Sandwich.

Marek has made a new ‘Marek Make’s a Meal of it’ cooking video in the spirit of the Great British Bake Off, in which he disastrously tries to bake a cake.

As a bid to enter the fitness video market, everyone’s favourite slaphead has released his own range of fitness videos. Why not watch them all here: How to Exercise, How to Lose Weight Doing Nothing and How to Stop Eating.

Marek has made some sketches with Paul Allen about things that happen on your doorstep. Here they all are: Opinion Polls, Tesco Delivery and Charity Canvassers.

July 2014

Here’s episode 2 of Marek’s Weird World Cup and Episode 3.

June 2014

It’s now near the end of June. Marek made his own World Cup Show to scare people.

Marek is now 38 years old and depressed. Also he is doing some World Cup Football Guides for the Guardian. If you want to help him you can click on the following links and like them to make him look good. You don’t even have to watch them. Thanks. Here they are: Algeria , Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

He will also be appearing on a daily Guardian Football Show you can watch on the Youtube Channel here.

May 2014

Marek is continuing to guest host on some of Vikki Stone’s Fubar Radio shows, also the Film Fandango podcast is still weekly why not listen here.

April 2014

Our bald hero appeared as a guest on Brian Quinn & Sal Vulcano’s WhatSayYou Podcast recorded at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Marek will be a guest co-host on Vikki Stone’s Friday Night Show (7pm-10pm) for a few episodes this month on Fubar Radio.

March 2014

Here is a sketch with a dog in it.

Marek will appear in BBC1’s Doctors on March 19th doing some serious acting as a mentally ill clown.

Here’s a shit video with Jelly in it….it’s 20 seconds long – The Jelly Whisperer

February 2014

A pilot of a cooking show made with Paul Allen is available to watch here – Marek Make’s A Meal of It

Series Two of Impractical Jokers set for release on BBC3 Feb 24th 10pm.

Marek appears as Boris Johnson in Danny Boyle‘s Babylon on Channel 4.

Here is Marek’s attempt to be considered for Sports Personality of the Year 2014.

Here is the second episode of Marek’s Viral Video Show.

January 2014

Marek is making his own online sketch for download. Sign up to the mailing list to find out when it’s released.

First episode of Marek’s new internet show Marek’s Viral Videos released.

December 2013

British Comedy Guide selects ‘How to Make an Art Film‘ as one of the Top 12 online sketches of 2013.

First video’s from the forthcoming Marek’s Viral Video show released here.

Meanwhile he is still recording the weekly film podcast Film Fandango with David Reed.

November 2013

I made this video in reaction to Virgin Media being awful. Here’s my typical experience of phoning a call centre.

Here’s an educational short on How to Make an Art Film.

Marek went to Birmingham to play a psychotic clown in BBC1’s Doctors. Should be out in March.

October 2013

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a short horror about a Birthday that goes wrong.

Marek has made a traumatic factual film about a man who had sex with Justin Bieber.

September 2013

Marek has just finished filming Impractical Jokers set to appear on BBC3 in January 2014.

His Boris videos made for Yahoo! Comedy can be seen here: Boris Videos

He is still recording the Film Fandango weekly podcast.

August 2013

Marek is up in Scotland filming the second series of Impractical Jokers for BBC 3.

July 2013

Marek is to make a series of Boris Johnson videos for Yahoo Comedy. You can follow tweets about it on the twitter account @boriskingbojo

He appeared as a guest on Chris Corcoran’s BBC Radio Wales show – Come the Revolution.

Marek tried to make a horror film using Potatoes as the main cast – watch it here: There Will Be Spud

June 2013

Marek’s birthday was in June. He received 7 cards in total. He doesn’t know how to feel about this.

Marek was commissioned by Bad Teeth You Tube Channel to make more videos about Father Xmas, Boris Johnson and Tracey Emin respectively.

He co-host the first live Film Fandango event at the Forge & Foundry in Camden on June 17th and showed spoof horror film – Maths is Evil.

May 2013

Marek was commissioned by Bad Teeth, Hat-Trick’s You Tube Channel, to write, draw and perform four Draw My Life Sketches: Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell, Superman and Boris Johnson.

Marek is playing Prison Officer Knowles in a pilot sitcom for the BBC written by Chris Reddy.

He continues to co-host Film Fandango the film podcast. Outdoor Darts, the latest no budget film released on Youtube. Thanks to co-stars, Dave McNeill, Ethan Wilson and the bum crack of Alan Larwood.