Marek Makes A Movie

Marek Makes A Movie


Marek Makes a Movie is a project where where I talked to low budget film makers and people who work in the industry about their film making experiences. I then made my own film with the donations from the listeners. You can listen to it on Itunes here: Listen here 

You can watch the film here: 23RD DEC 4PM  Link for premiere here

Marek’s Film

For those who want to know more about my process of making a film you can follow the story on Marek Makes A Movie Blog

For those interested in budget here is how it is spent – Marek’s Budget

For those interested in equipment here is what I filmed it on – Equipment

Also there are facebook, twitter and instagram where you can follow for the Marek Makes a Movie Project.

Donating (Final Budget 15/8/2018 – £853 Thank you everyone, I spent £809 on the film excluding equipment – the excess I put towards a massively expensive lense I had to buy)

If you enjoyed the podcast and the film you can donate towards my future short films, any donations will be gratefully received. Anyone who donates £5 or more will get a shit badge and a thanks in the credits at the end of the film. Anyone who donates £1 or more will be sent a link to a copy of the film online at some point after it is released.


You can write in with letters to I say letters, I mean emails, but letters sounds so much better.