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I am not Polish. Everyone always asks if I am Polish. My Mum named me after a boy she saw in Panorama documentary she saw in the mid 70’s because she liked the name. I even look like I am Polish, but according to my family tree my routes go back to someone called Geoffrey De Lawode in the 12th Century from Norfolk.

I am the middle of three brothers, the eldest Kieran Larwood, is an award winning children’s author. My Dad (other than being roped into my videos)  is an accountant and inventor, bringing to the world these essential items:  pill cutters and hanging baskets.

I started comedy in 2002 by taking part in the Amused Moose Comedy Course run by Logan Murray. He still runs courses which I can thoroughly recommend as a way of getting into comedy. In 2003 I won the Laughing Horse New Act Competition and the Amused Moose New Act Competition. I specialise in winning competitions involving animals.

In 2003, I formed We Are Klang a sketch group, we went on to be nominated for the Perrier Award for best show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2006, and the Barry Award for the best show at the Melbourne 2007 Comedy Festival.

Over the years I have written and appeared in a few TV shows and films,  Laura Ben & Him , Magicians, We Are Klang, Sorry I’ve Got A Head, Impractical Jokers, Drunk History, The Reluctant Landlord, Celebability, The Festival and many others.

I have got my own Youtube channel on which I have been making a load of weird stuff, it has taken up a lot of time and largely been unsuccessful. You can see all the films and subscribe to it here. By some miracle one of the short films won a Writers Guild Award in 2018, it was an anomaly.

In 2020, during lockdown I made lots of art films on Youtube where i tried to paint a masterpiece in 15 minutes. I also invented the greatest card game of the 21st century Pooman. Click the link to find out about it.

I have also started another youtube channel where I go on walks, my favourite hobby, it mainly results in me getting trolled by strangers if I say anywhere is shit. You can find it here: Cool Dudes Walking Club

I also like American Football and support the Detroit Lions. My other sports teams are  Norwich City, Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have invented my own sport Volfsball which I have been playing since 2014. I hope this will make me millions but currently it has cost me several thousand pounds.

My dream is to live in the country and not have to speak to anyone.